Unified Rules

The San Diego Grand Internationals uses Unified Rules unless otherwise stated. Please direct your questions to the coordinator of the specific discipline if possible. We will be happy to explain any of our rules at your request. All competitors are responsible for knowing the rules.

COMPETITOR’S RESPONSIBILITIES:  It is the full responsibility of the competitor to know all the rules of the tournament and be ready in his/her competition uniform at ringside when his/her name is called.

PROOF OF AGE:  A copy of the birth certificate for 17 & under competitors should always be ready to be presented in the case of need for verification of age. You should carry proof with you at all times. If you do not provide proof of age when requested you will be disqualified. Also, if you provide false information you may be suspended from Dragon Illustrated, IMAC, NASKA, Pacific Rim or TPA and all Dragon Illustrated, IMAC, NASKA, Pacific Rim or TPA Membership card may be used for verification of age.

UNIFORM:  All competitors must wear a complete (top and bottom) traditional, or professional sport karate (Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, etc.) uniform, in good state of repair. A competitor with offensive words of artwork on the uniform may be denied the privilege of participation. The appropriate color belt or sash must be worn in competition.

SCORING SYSTEM & TIME:  Form Divisions Forms, weapons etc. score will be 9.00 to 10.00 with a 3-minute time limit.
When there are 5 or more competitors in a division, the first 3 perform then they are scored to set an average score, the remaining contestants will be scored individually.  When 3 judges are used all three scores are added together for a total score.  When 5 judges are used the high and low score will be removed and the remaining 3 scores will be added together for a total score.  In case of a tie for first place the competitors must perform again.  In the case of a tie for 2nd place or lower with 5 officials the high & low score shall be added in.  In the case of a tie for 2nd place or lower with 3 judges or if the above system does not work with 5 judges the following procedure will be followed. Look at the choice of each judge to determine between the two competitors who the individual Judges choose as the winner. If one or more judges used the same score for these Competitors then that judge(s) must point to their choice of the better competitor.

LATE ENTRIES: (Not there or not ready when name is called) No late entry once the division has started. (Unless arbitrator makes an exception based on circumstance) There will be no refund if you miss your division. In the case that the competitor’s name is called and he/she is not there or not ready to perform he/she is allowed a total
of 2 minutes to present himself. After 2 minutes the competitor will be disqualified. Not ready when name is called 1st minute there is no penalty, after 1 minute there will be a 0.2 points deducted from total score. After 2 minutes any competitor in violation will be disqualified.

STARTING FORM OVER:  Color Belt if the competitor has t restart, officials will score the competitor as if there was not a mistake but the scorekeeper will deduct 0.5 point from the total score. A competitor may only restart once. The second time he will receive the lowest base score as his score. It is important that the center referee discuss this with the judges and the scorekeeper.  Blackbelt competitors may perform again but they will receive no score.

DROPPING OR BREAKING A WEAPON:  Color Belt If the competitor drops or breaks his/her weapon, officials will score the competitor as if there was not a mistake but the scorekeeper will deduct 0.5 point from the total score.
Blackbelt Competitors may perform again but they will receive no score.

WEAPONS SAFETY RULES:  Only weapons that are kept under the constant control of the competitor may be used. Throwing stars, darts, arrows and flying projectiles of any kind will not be used. The center referee shall inspect all weapons prior to competition to determine their suitability for use. Unsafe weapon-any weapon the referee feels might endanger the audience, officials or the performer due to worn parts or sharp edges may not be used. Center referees note that the competitor has until his name is called to purchase or borrow another weapon and still compete. If they are not ready to compete when their name is called the late entries penalties apply.

SHOWMANSHIP/MUSICAL:  If not musical divisions are offered they may also compete in Showmanship. Music is mandatory for individuals, optional for teams (in showmanship). Self-defense competitors may enter this division if the tournament does not offer self-defense divisions. The music should be choreographed with the movements of the form or weapon routine. A judge should hear the beats and rhythm of music in coordination and synchronization with the techniques in the form. The music cannot be only background music, but must be an intrinsic part of the form or weapon routine. Competitors are responsible for battery powered sound system and batteries to operate it. In Showmanship and Musical divisions only, the time starts when the music starts. Competitors shall not be penalized for a restart due to technical difficulties caused by the sound system. If Extreme divisions are being offered no gymnastics or inverted moves are allowed in Showmanship Divisions.

FORMS RULES & CRITERIA:  Form Rules-Traditional Forms No music allowed, empty hand performance, movements must be within origins of the competitor’s style (Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc.) The center referee will be responsible for reinforcing this in each division between the judges.

  • Form Rules – Open Forms should still be a martial arts form showing you skill in the arts however performance does not have to be entirely movements of the traditional form.
  • There is not gymnastics or inverted movements allowed in the traditional or open forms division. They may only be done in Extreme and if Extreme is not offered then they may be used in Showmanship.
  • Extreme Forms should still be using martial arts skills and showing your performance of these skills. In addition you must also use some inverted or gymnastic moves within your form.

USE OF MUSIC IN GRAND CHAMPION:  Music does not to be synchronized with the form or weapon form unless they are competing as Musical winner.

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