Bout Sparring Rules / Sport Sanda

This division allows only light contact the headgear. No contact to the open face- area. Any heavy contact to the head or face-mask area will result in immediate disqualification.

Sport Sanda is limited to amateur fighters with no professional experience in Sanda (San Shou), Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Shoot Fighting, etc.

Each match will consist of three (3) 40 second rounds (no designated rest time between rounds) At the conclusion of each round the center referee will bring the fighters to the center of the ring for the judges decision on the winner of that round. Once the decision has been concluded the fighters are ready to begin the next round if needed.

  • The winner of a round is determined by a majority vote of the judges.
  • The fighter, who wins two rounds, wins the match.
  • See Scoring Process for more details on how a round or match is won or loss.


  • Center Referee (has no judging vote). Can warn, penalize and/or disqualify a fighter for a rule violation.
  • (3-5) Judges (always odd number of judges to avoid ties).
  • Note: 5 Judges are required for matches allowing take-downs
  • Time keeper/score keeper


Men Women Teen Boys Teen Girls
  • 145 LBS & Under
  • 146 LBS to 165 LBS
  • 166 LBS to 185 LBS
  • 186 LBS to 205 LBS
  • 206 LBS & Over
  • 125 LBS & Under
  • 126 LBS to 145 LBS
  • 146 LBS & Over
  • 135 LBS & Under
  • 136 LBS to 155 LBS
  • 156 LBS to 175 LBS
  • 176 LBS & Over
  • 125 LBS & Under
  • 126 LBS & Over
Note: For Safety Reasons fighters weighing over 196 LBS will not be able to participate unless there are enough fighters to create a heavier weight category

WEIGH-IN:  All fighters will weigh in on the same scale

MAKING WEIGHT:  Any fighter who fails to make weight will be automatically moved to the category in which he or she makes weight

The mat must be inspected prior to competition begins for correct thickness, size, and safe condition.
Matches can take place on an open mat 24' X 24'  Note: The following mandatory conditions are required for the competition to allow take-downs. The mat must be a minimum of 20’ X 20’, the mat must have the proper density to safely absorb the impact of a take-down.

Clean school uniform. Schools that use T-shirts, as a part of their uniform must show the school/system logo on the shirt. (no blank or off-the shelf printed shirts).  Fight shorts and a school marked t-shirt is allowed.

Safety Equipment Legal Techniques/Targets
  • Protective head gear (closed face)
  • Mouth guard
  • Shin and instep protectors (cloth slip-on)
  • Groin cup (female fighters must wear breast protection)
  • 12 oz. boxing gloves (provided)
  • Approved chest protector
  • Light kicks and strikes to the headgear
  • Closed hand strikes to body
  • Kicking techniques to body and thigh
  • Throws/Sweeps/Takedowns
  • Torso – front and sides (including groin area)
  • Outside of thigh
  • Outside of leg
  • Entire arm (except joints)
Note: Any kicks or strikes that cause a jarring of the head or strike the open face area will result in immediate disqualification. Clinching in an attempt to execute a throw or takedown is limited to 5 seconds

Illegal Techniques/Targets
  • Heavy Kicks and strikes to the head
  • Elbows
  • Kicks to knee joint
  • Knee strikes
  • Foot stomps
  • Joint locks
  • Striking the top/back of the head or spine
  • Head butting
  • Striking a downed opponent
  • Attempting to throw opponent out of the ring
  • Joints (knees, elbows, wrist, fingers)
  • Open face
  • Eyes, ears and Throat/neck
  • Back including kidneys

Judges will use the following as a base to determine a winner of the bout.

  • Fighting Spirit and Attitude
  • Superiority of Tactics
  • Endurance
  • Application of Techniques (Offensive & Defensive)
  • Always being mindful of the use of legal techniques/targets, and taking a negative account of any illegal techniques/Targets

Both fighters hit each other simultaneously

  • The fighter throws the opponent after holding for more than 5 seconds
  • Striking during a clinch
  • A fighter uses an unsuccessful falling technique to attack
  • Unclear techniques are employed by either fighter
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