Stick Fighting Rules

Recognized WEKAF safety equipment must be worn for this event including:
HELMET, VEST, HOCKEY GLOVES, MOUTH GUARD, EYE PROTECTION and GROIN PROTECTION REQUIRED. Additional protective gear may be worn if the competitor chooses to do so.


  • All stick strikes and thrusts are allowed. No striking with the hands, elbows, head, knees or feet are allowed including, but not limited to punching, kicking, elbows, knees, or head butting.  However, pinning and holding of arms and leg checks are allowed. 
  • Split second reset after engagements either by the competitors or with the help of the center referee.
  • Clashes between the competitors will be broken up by the center referee. 
  • Counter strikes and follow up strikes are allowed as long as they are clean and the competitor is able to avoid a strike from the opponent.
  • The emphasis is on defense and the ability to strike without getting hit.  Parrying is allowed. 
  • No blocking weapon strikes with the live hand.


Disarms are allowed and will only be taken into consideration if it is a clean disarm and you avoid being hit in the process.  Attempts must be made to opponent’s weapon hand below the elbow only.


No grappling will be permitted and there are no intentional throws allowed.  If your opponent falls, the center referee will stand both competitors back up and continue the match.


  • Scoring is based on a 10 point must system, where the winning competitor is awarded 10 points and the defeated competitor receives 9 points or less. 
  • Each match consists of two 90 second rounds. 
  • Each round is continuous and will be scored by the judges at the conclusion of each round. 
  • The center referee will only break up clashes. 
  • In the event of a tie, a 60 second tie-breaking round will follow                                                                                                                          .

Warnings and Penalties

Warnings and penalties are issued by the center referee at their discretion for any infraction to the rules. Penalty point will occur on the 2nd warning issued to the competitor.  A point is awarded to the opponent of a competitor receiving a penalty.  Disqualification occurs on the 2nd penalty issued to the competitor. 

Types of Warnings:
Unintentional illegal techniques (including, but not limited to the following)

  • Punching
  • Kicking
  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Joint Manipulation
  • Loss of weapon
  • Strikes against the joints
  • Kicking leg sweeps
  • Sweeping of supporting leg or both legs
  • Unintentional delay in break on the call by the referee
  • Lack of control over weapon
  • Moving both feet outside the ring

Types of Penalties:

  • Intentional illegal techniques
  • Intentional failure to break on the call by the referee


Disqualifications must be agreed on by the referee and all judges at their discretion.  The offender forfeits the fight and the competitor is awarded the win.  Disqualification will occur for the following:

  • Accumulating 2 penalties
  • Deliberate excessive force/intent to inflict bodily injury
  • Deliberate fouling
  • Malice act resulting in injury
  • Rude, belligerent, and/or disrespectful behavior by a competitor and/or their school.  (Can include but is not limited to the use of foul and/or offensive language)
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct

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